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Norwich Lock and Safe Ltd Master Key Systems

  • Providing master key systems for virtually any type situation.
  • Padlock key systems that are operated by a master key.
  • Single master key operated locks for your home or business.
  • Key suites that can be added to or adjusted to suit any changes.
  • Locking systems for hotels, schools, colleges and larger properties.
  • Systems with different lock types that are all operated by one key.

Emergency Call Out Service

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Master key suites

We provide master key suites for clients in Norwich and across Norfolk, providing virtually any type of key suite required. Our master key systems include master key suites for padlocks, locks to pass, grande master (GM) key suites, hotel locking systems and systems where all lock types are under one system or one key.

Please contact us for advice or a quote on your requirements and we will do our best to find a system that suits your needs.

Master key suites for padlocks

In some instances customers need to have a set of padlocks that are all operated using the same key. Our master key suites for padlocks enable our customers to have a variety of different padlocks under one key.

We can add padlocks to existing master systems, please contact us for more information.

Locks to pass

Setting up locks to pass that all work of a single master key can be very simple. In some cases it is possible to quickly change all the barrels in your home or at your business without making any adjustments to the doors. Once the locks to pass have been installed you will only need a single key that will fit all the locks.

Grande master (GM) key suites

We specialise in providing and installing high quality grande master key suites. The key suites allow the key holder’s access to specific, pre defined, areas of buildings whilst keeping restricted areas secure. Once we have installed the system we are able to extend, downsize or adjust the system to suit any changes to your business or home.

Hotel locking systems

Our hotel locking systems are robust, very secure and truly versatile. We set up grand master suites that are used in hotels, bed and breakfasts, schools, colleges and larger properties with many rooms. The systems allow our customers to have access to all rooms using a single master key.

All lock types under one system

If you need to have all lock types under one system that can be operated by a single key, we are sure we can help. With over 40 years of experience in providing and installing lock systems our service is second to none. If your business or household requires one lock, but you only want one key to fit all the locks we can provide this for you.